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Ninja Circuits parent company, EI Microcircuits, has expanded their technologies to include precision temperature sensors. EI Sensor Technologies, a Division of EI Microcircuits, offers an extensive selection of Thermistors, Resistance Temperature Detectors  (RTDs) and Thermistor & RTD probe assemblies. The expansive product line features standard configurations and customized solutions to meet the most complex temperature measurement and control requirements. Product features:

  • High temperature capability
  • Excellent long term stability and reliability
  • Highly accurate over wide temperature ranges
  • Standard and customized solutions

Industry strengths include HVAC/R, Building Automation, Food Processing and Handling, Medical Electronics, Industrial Controls, Pool/Spa and White Goods/Appliances. Visit and bookmark for your temperature sensing needs.¬† Check the website often, new products and information are added on a regular basis! For more information about EI Sensor, please email [email protected].