Low Volume PCB Assembly

At Ninja Circuits, we specialize in turnkey, low volume and small batch PCB assembly with your prototype ready in days. Small run orders for PCBA’s can be made with SMT, BGA, and through hole capabilities. Ninja Circuits’ services are perfect for small lot sizes, new design, and all your turnkey PCB assembly needs.

Small Run PCBA Services

  • Procurement of components
  • Engineering support
  • Product upgrades
  • Component crosses
  • Ball Grid Array
  • Surface Mount Technology
  • Through Hole

Ninja Circuits provides you a partner to build your complex design with quality and excellent workmanship. We never sacrifice quality or efficiency measures with small volumes, and each one gets our specialized processes, skilled staff, and equipment. The team at Ninja is always ready to trouble shoot and provide solutions for your small batch PCBA needs


Industries Served

  • Medical
  • Industrial Controls
  • Mission Critical
  • Agricultural/automotive
  • Avionics/military
  • Consumer