About Ninja Circuits

Ninja Circuits is a clever, fast, and skilled pcb assembly manufacturer dedicated to developing the best and quickest pcb assembly prototypes in the USA. We offer exceptionally fast pcb assembly prototypes to engineers and innovators developing new products to improve and enhance our lives and the world we live in.

We do rapid pcb prototypes. Clever, efficient and skilled!

We provide the quickest, most efficient, and best customer service in the pcb assembly prototypes market. Our services have been refined for engineers and innovators upgrading, redesigning, or developing new products. If you can envision it we can build it!

Why do we do it?

  • So that customers can move projects forward quickly and accurately and seek the next great idea.
  • So that we can help find solutions for engineers and innovators seeking technology driven solutions.
  • So that we can provide production volume services and continue to move technology forward to meet the needs of the medical, industrial, technology industries.
  • Because we care deeply about creating an innovation-focused prototype company backed by a stable organization with advanced technology and employees committed to excellence.

About Ninja Circuits PCB Prototyping Service

Ninja Circuits is clever, fast, and skilled. This means we commit the best technology and human capital to the development of prototypes. Engineers and innovators fuel our passion for providing excellent pcb prototyping service in the USA.

Ninja Circuits team is experienced, intuitive, and highly trained in their specialized role in producing your quick turn pcb prototypes in the USA. We invest in advanced technology and systems to ensure that your innovations are built by the best technology in the market. Ninja Circuits works with engineers and innovators to produce world-changing pcb prototype assemblies.

Ninja provides short run, small volume, and one off pcb assembly rapid prototypes. Ninja is capable of producing pcb assembly prototypes using lead-free solder paste and are RoHS compliant. We can build your prototype on rigid, flex, or rigid-flex boards.

Ninja Circuits’ unique relationship with partner company, EI Microcircuits, expands potential for your prototype capabilities and when you are ready to engage production volumes, the team will work closely to transfer your important project to a qualified production house.

Ninja Circuits is proud to be based in the USA. Being located in the USA allows Ninja Circuits to provide excellent communication, on time delivery, quick turn pcb assembly, and responsive customer service.








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Made in USA Quick Turn PCB Prototypes

When you receive a prototype from Ninja Circuits, you know that it will be on time and made in the USA. Your prototype is backed by the best technology and team available in the industry. Contact us today or get a quote.