Mixed Technology Capabilities

At Ninja Circuits, we can quickly build complex mixed technology PCB assemblies for our customers in various industries. Our mixed technology PCB assembly services are built with quality and precision as well as speed.

Mixed technology works best for applications that demand surface mount and through-hole components. At Ninja Circuits, we offer a full range of process and assembly options including assembly on circuit boards with single sided, double sided, flex, and rigid flex, as well as multi-layer mixed technology.

Mixed Technology Offering

We use best in class equipment and a knowledgeable, experienced team. This helps us provide quick turn, performance oriented, and high-quality PCB assemblies. We offer:

  • State-of-the-art Automated Assembly Equipment
  • Fast Production of Densely Populated Mixed Technology Assemblies
  • Fast Placement Machines for Ultra-Small and Ultra-Thin Chip Components
  • Wave and Soldering Machines

Mixed Technology Applications

The printed circuit boards that are manufactured using mixed technology are used in a wide range of applications and products. Here are some major and most common applications of the mixed technology PCB assemblies:

  • LED Lighting Products
  • Server Boards
  • Video Processing
  • Communication Hardware
  • Sensor Boards
  • IoT Hardware
  • Industrial Controller Assemblies
  • Smartphone Accessories
  • CPUs
  • Medical