PCB Electronic Assembly Services

Ninja Circuits specializes in custom and prototype PCB assembly for engineers and innovators that are developing new products. We are very flexible and can accommodate orders for full turnkey assembly or manage your consigned components. Small volume runs and complex assemblies are where we excel!

We know you want your project done fast….but you also need quality. Ninja Circuits has the capabilities and resources to make sure we can do both! We have what you need and even what you didn’t know that you needed! You will leave with a quality product, ready to be placed in your end product.

Ask us a question, I bet we can do it!

PCBA Capabilities

Ninja Circuits can help you with all your PCBA project needs including:

  • Components & Sourcing (All current industry parts)
  • PWB or Bare Boards (any size or type)
  • Electro-Mechanical Assembly
  • Box Build/Final Assembly
  • Conformal Coating & IPC Trained Operators
  • Engineering
  • Inspection & Testing
  • Low Volume
  • Rapid Turn


Through Hole
Mixed Technology
Part on Part


High Density Interconnect
RF & Microwave
2 Layer to 60+ Layer


Hand Soldering

Wave Soldering

Reflow Soldering

Vapor Phase Reflow

Selective Soldering


3D AOI Inspection

X-Ray Inspection

Flying Probe Test

Additional Engineering Services

In need of Engineering or Technical Support? We can help! Fill out the Contact Us form and a Ninja team member will get back to you shortly!

  • PCB Layout
  • PCB Verification
  • Test Fixture Designs
  • Build Documentation
  • Cable Assembly Design & Documentation


Ninja Circuits is committed to providing quality to customers. Certifications, training and experience are what we take pride in at every step of the way for every project.

ITAR Registered Logo

IPC Certified Logo           

Ninja Circuits is the Prototype PCB Assembly division of EI Microcircuits. When you are ready to move into production, EI Microcircuits quality system is certified for ISO9001:2015, AS9100-D, ISO13485:2016, ANSI ESD S20.20, ITAR Registered, UL-Registered, and FDA Registered. Medical Devices supported: Class I, II, and III.

Why Choose Ninja Circuits as Your PCB Assembler?

Ninja is a leader in prototype assembly because we implement cutting edge assembly techniques and path to volume production through EI Microcircuits.   From quote to delivery, the Ninja process leverages automation to eliminate delays in the production process.  

Once you finalize your design, we can offer a path to volume production through our EI Microcircuits division.  EIM takes your design and our engineers perform 100% design for manufacturing for the components, PWB and documentation. 

We believe we are unique in that we have two stand-alone businesses that are successful independent of one another or work together when you need them to.  We build products that save lives, move industry and communicate with the world.  We hope to win your trust to build your game changing product.

  • Data: Encrypted Servers / ITAR Certified
  • Quote: Same Day Quote Response
  • Bare Board: Dedicated Panel
  • Components: Franchised Suppliers Only
  • Assembly: Dedicated Prototype Assembly Lines
  • Quality: XRAY Inspection for Bottom Termination

How to Order PCB Assembly

PCBA Process Timeline
  1. Create an idea and concept board design
  2. Upload a BOM and Gerber files to NinjaCircuits.com
  3. Ninja will review your BOM and Gerber files to create a quote within 24 hours.
  4. Send your components or have components sourced by the Ninja team.
  5. In as little as 2 days, receive your prototype printed circuit board assembly!

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much does PCB Assembly Cost?
Your custom PCBA from Ninja Circuits is quoted following review of your BOM and Gerber files. The cost reflects components, precision process of placement, and speed of assembly…….

What does a PCB Assembler do?
Ninja Circuits evaluates your bare PCB for design rules, acquires components from known franchised distributors, and assembles your board based on component and bare board requirements. If it is a box build, we will acquire those components and assemble based on your instructions. If your board requires testing, we can test the board via flying probe or your custom test protocol.

Should I send loose parts for assembly?
Ninja Circuits will work with the specific components and parts you would like on your pcba. Ninja is proud of the relationships we have with suppliers and can assist in finding the components you need saving you time and money.

What is printed circuit board verification?
Printed Circuit Board verification is an important part of an assembly because it expose issues with the board. Typical problems that verification can expose include missing power and ground connections, incorrect diode orientation, missing or redundant pull-up and pull-down resistors, capacitor voltage derating, nets missing a driver or receiver, driver/receiver technology matching, board-to-board connectivity, bus flip errors (MSB to LSB), etc. Automated verification can also force good PCB design practices. Routing constraints for signal and power integrity, as well as design-for-test constraints, are factors that should be specified during schematic capture, not shoe-horned in at the layout phase. Signal and power integrity, EMI compliance, thermal analysis and vibration analysis should all be validated during the layout process.

Why is PCBA so expensive?
The cost in a PCBA drives from the precise and high quality components, the placements, and the finishing needed on your assembly. Ninja Circuits produces quality craftsmanship in assembly with rapid output.

What is PCBA?
PCBA stands for Printed Circuit Board Assembly. Circuit boards resemble building blocks from when you were young and the printed circuit board is the big green platform that the masterpiece is built on. A single pcba is built on a bare board with electronic components placed with surface mount technology or through hole technology.

Do you offer Quick Turn Assembly?
Quick turn, prototypes, and turnkey assembly are what Ninja Circuits does best! The experienced team at Ninja prepares your conceptual circuit board assembly quickly and with quality. Prototypes, quick turns, and turnkey assemblies put testable pcba’s into your hands within days for testing and moving to production or engineering the next iteration.