Through Hole PCB Assembly Capabilities

Ninja Circuits provides through-hole (TH) PCBA capabilities. TH assembly places leads on electronic components that are inserted through holes drilled into the printed circuit board (PCB). The leads are soldered to the bottom side of the PCB.

Benefits of Through Hole Assembly

Through hole mounting provides excellent bonds from the soldering and the ability to work with multi-layer boards for heavier components. The connected components receive support for their larger size. Through hole mounting is an excellent option for electrolytic capacitors or semiconductors in larger package, and electro-mechanical relays. Through hole PCB assembly may take additional environmental stress due to sturdy construction.

Our Through Hole PCB Assembly Capabilities

Ninja Circuits provides both automated through hole (thru-hole) assembly service and manual through hole assembly insertion. Ninja Circuits’ cutting edge automation and skilled technicians ensure the form, fit, and function of the through hole pcb soldering and component placement are precise function. The tht assembly can be a customized through hole pcb assembly utilizing robotic selective solder technology to precisely solder components to the PCB.

Ninja Circuits even provides service after your prototype custom through hole pcb assembly. Ninja provides production volume capacity through EI Microcircuits in a seamless business transfer.

Using Through Hole PCB assembly your benefits include:

  • Easy ability to test your prototype PCB assembly
  • Heat tolerance at high temperatures
  • Strength and endurance for environmental and mechanical stress
  • Large component placement