BGA Assembly Capabilities

Ninja Circuits provides Ball Grid Array (BGA) prototype assembly capabilities: including Flip Chip BGA, Fine Pitch Grid Arrays (FPGA), microBGA, and Part-on-Part (POP) on single and double-sided printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA). BGA’s are surface mount, integrated circuits with no leads allowing for efficient use of space while providing more interconnection pins than traditional dual in line or flat package SMT devices.

Benefits of BGA

BGA benefits include high lead count, low induction of heat, and dense population of components per board. BGA prototype assembly brings ability to put more components on your boards without soldering issues. It also means that your device is more heat resistant as the heat passes out. BGA work is done to highly precise specifications.

Our BGA Capabilities

Ninja handles all types of BGA’s including micro-BGA assembly, fine pitch BGA assembly, PoP BGA assembly, and flip chip BGA assembly for your prototype needs.

Ninja Circuits reviews your BGA needs including size, heat profile, material needs, and component applications and customizes manufacturing to your specifications. Once the package is soldered into place, it is difficult to find soldering faults. Ninja circuits uses Nordson Dage Quadra 5 3-Axis x-ray machines to look through the printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) and BGA to ensure proper placement. Your turn-key pcb assembly with ball grid array placement will be completed quickly and correctly. This allows you to test and evaluate your prototype and rapidly move to production volumes.

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