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Ninja Circuits has the experience and resources to get the job done right. The first time.

We know you want your project done fast….but you also need quality. Ninja Circuits has the capabilities and resources to make sure we can do both! We have what you need and even what you didn’t know that you needed! You will leave with a quality product, ready for be placed in your end product.

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Lead or RoHS Free
Flex or Rigid Flex
IPC Class I, II and III

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  1. Components- all current industry parts
  2. Boards – any board size or type (rigid, flex, rigid flex, etc.)
  3. Electro-Mechanical Assembly
  4. Box Build/Final Assembly
  5. Conformal Coating and IPC Trained Operators

Vapor Phase Re-Flow

Precise temperature control

Ability to heat difficult thermal PCB’s to an even temperature

Produces quality solder joints for difficult parts. Vapor Phase maintains consistent actual temperature, regardless of the size, shape or surface area of the PCB. Every component will likewise maintain the identical temperature, regardless of its size, density or location.


  • AOI Inspection
  • X-Ray Inspection
  • Flying Probe Test

Additional Engineering Services

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Ninja Circuits is committed to providing quality to customers. Certifications, training and experience are what we take pride in at every step of the way for every project.